Family Planning

Carrie CwiakMessage from the Division Director

The Family Planning Division has provided services to the community since 1962. Faculty and fellows currently see patients at Grady Memorial Hospital, primarily through the Family Planning Clinic, and at Emory University Hospital Midtown. Services include the full range of currently available contraceptive methods as well as expert reproductive health care for women with chronic and complex medical conditions. The textbook, "Contraceptive Technology," and the handbook, "Managing Contraception," both used in many family planning programs in this country and abroad, were produced by this program.

Fellow training in contraception and abortion care is provided through the Family Planning Fellowship. Residents are full participants in this program, which teaches basic science and clinical aspects pf contraception. Resident training is provided through the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning.

Education of students, residents, and providers is a focus of the program through the weekly Family Planning Clinical Conference Series, as well as the annual Contraceptive Technology conference. The program has also developed or participated in many research projects, including: provision of condoms in clinical settings, quickstart initiation of contraceptive pills, postplacental insertion of IUDs, and techniques for teaching contraception. Faculty and fellows have conducted training and research in various international settings as well.

For brief descriptions of pregnancy and contraceptive options, visit and select "CHOICES." You may also wish to ask a contraceptive question or browse the educational products available on this site. You should note that this information is NOT intended as a substitute for seeing a qualified health care provider. You can get more information on each of these methods from a clinician or family planning clinic.

The Office of Population Research at Princeton University offers additional information about contraception and reproductive health.


Carrie Cwiak, MD, MPH
Associate Professor