Kurt Martinuzzi, MD, answered some questions about pregnancy for Romper. Read the articles:

•  How is Pregnancy Different If I’ve Had My Ovaries Removed?
•  How Does Gestational Diabetes Affect Your Baby?
•  Is It Safe to Pick Up Your Kids When You’re Pregnant? 
•  How Do You Get Pregnant When You Have an Ovarian Cyst? 

We're so proud to announce that five of our faculty members were named to Atlanta Magazine's Top Doctors list: Penny Castellano, MD - General Gynecology; Lisa Flowers, MD - Gynecologic Specialties; Ira Horowitz, MD, SM - Gynecologic Oncology; Michael Lindsay, MD, MPH - Maternal-Fetal Medicine; Jessica Spencer, MD, MSc - Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.

Jennifer Kawwass, MD, spoke to HealthDay about a new study on noise levels and fertility. Read the article. 

The spring issue of Emory Medicine magazine features a write-up of ANCHORstudy, a clincial trial to help determine whether screening and treatment of precancerous areas of the anus can prevent cancer. Lisa Flowers, MD, is Emory's principal investigator for the study. Read the article. 

Our department held its annual awards banquet on June 17. Congratulations to the faculty, fellows, and residents who received awards: Awards 2017.



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