Meet Bianca Andrews

Bianca Andrewsby Bianca Benson, Communications Intern

Bianca Andrews has always had a natural instinct to care for the people around her. Growing up, she says she was the “nurturer of the family,” putting her siblings first and making sure everything was running smoothly for her family.

She brings these same skills to our department as a patient care coordinator for Emory’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine division. Bianca joined the team in December 2015, and she provides guidance for patients seeking a better understanding of their MFM appointments and assists in referring patients to other providers who need care outside of pregnancy.

“I always make sure to put myself in the patient’s positions and the kind of service I would expect to receive is what I strive to provide. I want to make sure the patients are taken care of,” Bianca says.

Prior to joining Emory, Bianca was a certified personal fitness trainer for about seven to eight years. She worked at LA Fitness providing instruction and motivation for clients to reach their fitness goals and live healthier lives through exercise and diet regimens. Bianca received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and recently her Master of Science in Health Care Administration at the University of Phoenix. 

Bianca’s says she “tries not to view work as work. I really enjoy coming here and making sure our patients’ experience with us is the best.” Need evidence that Bianca enjoys her job? Laughing, she says: “I can find myself losing track of time and staying here late and my husband will have to call me to remind me it’s time to come home.”