Resident Accomplishments

In addition to their clinical, research, and academic duties, many of our residents have achieved recognition on the national level. The awards and scholarships listed below are won through competitive and rigorous application, and we are proud that are residents successfully pursue these opportunities.

Gellhaus Resident Advocacy Fellowship

The Gellhaus Resident Advocacy Fellowship, named in honor of its founder, Dr. Thomas Gellhaus, is designed to provide senior ob/gyn residents exposure to health care policy at the federal level. This program offers ob/gyn residents the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of policy and political factors that shape the future of obstetrics and gynecology. This experience will better prepare a new generation of physicians to influence the future of our healthcare delivery system and offer ob/gyn residents a unique opportunity to participate in the political process in Washington, DC as their resident elective.

2013 – Kristin Paccione, MD (read more)         

2015 – Adrienne Zertuche, MD, MPH

SASGOG Resident Reporter

At the 3rd Annual Meeting of The Society of Academic Specialists in General Obstetrics and Gynecologic (SASGOG) in 2015, the organization initiated a Resident Reporter Program. PGY 3 or 4 residents were eligible to apply to attend the meeting at no cost and create social media content about their experience.

2015 – Jade Stafford, MD

ASRM Reporter

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) offers scholarships to medical residents and fellows so that they have the opportunity to attend the ASRM Annual Scientific Meeting.

2017 – Catilin Martin, MD

2017 - Jerrine Morris, MD

NAMS Reporter

The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) offers scholarships to medical residents and fellows so that they have the opportunity to attend the NAMS Annual Meeting. The recipients have been asked to prepare a presentation on a topic of their choice from content at the meeting to share with colleagues and other residents and fellows in their program when they return home.

2012 – Juan Alvarez, MD

2015 – Jessica Rubin, MD

2016 Steven Gay, MD

2017 - Jerrine Morris, MD

ACOG Resident Reporter

ACOG’s Resident Reporter program allows residents to attend ACOG’s annual meeting and take part in the program at no cost. The reporters attend Annual Meeting events such as clinical seminars, luncheons with experts, and postgraduate courses; reporters also have the opportunity to meet other residents, ACOG leadership, and obstetrician-gynecologists from across the country.

2015 – Jessica Rubin, MD

2017 – Lauren Espinosa, MD

ACOG Junior Fellow Leadership

ACOG’s Junior Fellow organization stimulates the interest and broadens the experience of residents in obstetrics and gynecology, who are to be the future leaders of the specialty. Officers have a variety of duties throughout the year to accomplish the business of the organization.

2015-2016 Junior Fellow Chair, Georgia Section of ACOG – Adrienne Zertuche, MD, MPH

2015-2016 Junior Fellow Vice Chair, Georgia Section of ACOG – Leilah Zahedi, MD

2017-2018Junior Fellow Legislative Chair, Georgia Section of ACOG - Bradley Sipe, MD

2017-2018 Junior Fellow Vice Chair, Georgia Section of ACOG – Alison Mayhew, MD

Pathways in Reproductive Medicine Course

The Pathways in Reproductive Medicine Course is designed for OB/GYN residents who have an interest in subspecialty training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI).

2017-2018 Jerrine Morris, MD

American Medical Association's House of Delegates (HOD)

The House of Delegates is the principal policy-making body of the AMA.  The HOD is composed of elected representatives and others as provided in the Bylaws and transacts all business of the Association not otherwise specifically provided for in their Constitution and Bylaws.

2016 At-Large-Delegate – Vinita Alexander, MD

2017 At-Large-Delegate – Veronica Alvarez, MD

Warren H. Pearse Women's Health Policy Award

This research award will provide $10,000 to support research which explores an aspect of health care policy that assists, defines, or restricts the ability of a physician to deliver health care to women in the general population, or in a specific area.

2015-2016 - Adrienne D. Zertuche, MD, MPH, for the project “Severe Maternal Morbidity during Delivery Hospitalization at Birthing Facilities with Varying Levels of Maternal and Neonatal Care: Georgia, United States, 1999-2012” (read more)

ACOG Rising Star in Advocacy Award

The award supports advocacy projects developed and implemented by Junior Fellows. 

2014 - Adrienne D. Zertuche, MD, MPH, received the inaugural Rising Star in Advocacy Award for her work as founder, leader, and researcher of the Georgia Maternal and Infant Helath Research Group (GMIHRG). Read more about this award.