Resident Life

Our residents work hard; they also know how to slow down, kick back, and have a good laugh. Our Gyn/Ob Residency Program promotes work-life balance. We believe a healthy life outside of the hospital positively impacts work performance, likewise a positive work environment and performing optimally fosters a healthy life. Our resident culture is one of diversity of background and thought, professionalism, enjoyable group dynamics, and an appropriate amount of tomfoolery of course!

Baby Shower Celebration

birthday dinner
Third Thursday Resident Get Together  sometimes we aren’t working!

Labor and Delivery
Celebrating the last Grady OB shift of chief resident

mentor group painting
Mommy Play Date

Team socks
Rising PGY3s celebrating at 2018 End of Year Banquet 

Grand Rounds
Selfies of how our residents start their day

creog party
Current PGY4s enjoying the sunshine!

Clinic sasgog
Decompressing after CREOG exams – some of current PGY4s

Meconium cup
Enjoying 2018 End of Year Banquet – current PGY2 class

Celebrating a 30th birthday with all of EUHM L&D

Turkey dinner
Grady OB Nights team finding time to celebrate birthdays

Interns 2018
Intern Class of 2019

Annual Meconium Cup Softball Game vs. Emory Pediatrics Residency Program

We Won!!!

>celebrating rise
Post shift brunch – Grady OB Night team