Faculty Development

The Department’s strategic vision includes 5 main focus areas.

1)    Research and Discovery
2)    Educational Innovation
3)    Growth and Collaboration
4)    People and Workplace
5)    Clinical Experience and Outcomes

A primary goal in the area of People and Workplace is to promote career growth and development among faculty, staff, and trainees. The Department follows the School of Medicine’s recommended timeline for faculty professional development conferences and the guidelines for appointments, promotions, and tenure. In addition, the Department has implemented a faculty development program. The objective of this program is to promote academic and professional growth by facilitating the identification of opportunities for development that will be personally and professionally rewarding and by providing resources to support ongoing academic advancement.

Faculty Development Program

Through its development program the Department will provide faculty members with:

1)    opportunities for active career planning;
2)    assistance with identifying a mentor(s) as well as mentorship opportunities;
3)    a repository of development resources;
4)    support, including professional leave and funding for travel and attendance at conferences;
5)    an orientation to the promotion process; and
6)    guidance in the preparation and review of promotion materials.

Ultimately, it is the goal of the Department to provide each member of the faculty with an environment and resources that encourages professional growth and development. The return on this investment is far reaching and the impacts will be felt at the individual, department, and institutional levels as well as by patients, trainees, and the specialty locally, nationally and internationally.