Nurse Midwifery Program

pic_midwiferyThe Emory University Nurse-Midwifery Service, Grady Health System is the oldest nurse-midwifery service in the Atlanta metropolitan area.  Established in 1971, the service has a long and proud history of providing care to women with low risk pregnancies.  The hallmark of this practice has been a continuity of care model where clients see one primary nurse-midwife for prenatal and postnatal visits.  Additionally, the woman may have a nurse-midwife in attendance for her labor and delivery.  Consultation with physicians is done as patients' needs dictate and referral to physician care is made if high risk circumstances arise. 

The nurse-midwives currently practice in a variety of settings within the Grady Health System.  Young teens receive their prenatal care from two nurse-midwives on the Grady campus.  Pregnant women of all ages can be seen and cared for by nurse-midwives in five of Grady's neighborhood health centers: North Fulton, North Dekalb, Lindbergh Women and Children's Center, Asa G. Yancey, and Dekalb Grady.  Additionally women may participate in the nurse-midwife led Centering Pregnancy Group Prenatal Program either on the Grady campus or at the Asa G. Yancey Health Center.  

As one of the sites for a randomized controlled trial for the study of group prenatal care, the nurse-midwifery service pioneered Centering in the Southeast.   The results of the five year study are reported in Obstetrics & Gynecology 2007; 110:330-9. Today each Centering group consists of an average of eight women having the same expected delivery month.  Care is provided in a facilitative environment where physical assessment, knowledge and skills development are stressed, following a curriculum that focuses on optimal prenatal care content.  The groups are facilitated by the nurse-midwife in two hour sessions during which time patients receive assessment, education and support.  To date, over 1000 women have participated in this program.

The Emory Nurse-Midwifery Service is actively engaged in the education of tomorrow's Women's Health Care providers.  The service is integral to the education of medical students as they develop skills in our clinical sites.   Nurse-midwifery students are precepted in the art and science of nurse-midwifery as they participate in semester long clinical assignments in selected patient care sites.  Episodic clinical experiences are offered for nurse-practitioners, physician assistants, and nursing students.  An apprenticeship is being developed for practitioners interested in acquiring skills in leading Centering Groups.

Throughout the years, the Emory Nurse-Midwifery Service on the Grady campus has sought to provide innovative, individualized care to women and their families.  We look forward and embrace the challenges and opportunities in the arenas of patient care as well as provider education.