Patient Care

  • Emory's Family Planning division provides high-quality contraceptive services with the unique ability to manage complicated clinical presentations.
  • We understand that an unplanned pregnancy can pose serious health risks to both mother and baby, and we offer the full range of contraceptive treatments, from prescriptions to surgery.
  • Our patient care includes up-to-date and evidence-based options and protocols to determine the most effective contraception based on a woman's lifestyle and health.

For patient appointments, please call 404-778-3401.

Contraceptive Options

Most Effective Implants
(e.g., Nexplanon) 
Female sterilization  Intrauterine devices
(IUDs; e.g., Mirena®)
Effective  Injectables
(e.g., Depo-Provera®) 
Hormone Pills         

Hormone patches Rings
(e.g., NuvaRing®)

Least Effective Male or female condoms Diaphragms Fertility awareness-based methods
(e.g., rhythm method) 
Highest Failure Rate Withdrawal before ejaculation  Spermicide