Awards 2011

45th Annual John D. Thompson Resident Research Day

Awards and Recognition 2011

Recipients of five internal research grants for proposals by first year fellows and second year residents were presented at the Department's annual RRD and Graduation Banquet on Friday, June 10, 2011. Grants may be used by the recipients for conducting of the research investigation or travel and presentation of findings.

Outstanding Resident Research Proposals.  These award recipients proposals were chosen based on innovation, significance, feasibility, and impact.

Dr. Angela Martin (PGY2):  Morbidity Among Pregnant Women Hospitalized During Influenza Season.
Mentors: Drs. Denise Jamieson, Clinical Professor, and Naomi Tepper, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Melissa Counihan (PGY2): Safety and Tolerability of Curcumin Vaginal Suppositories in HIV Positive Women with Evidence of High Risk HPV
Mentor: Dr. Lisa Flowers.

Dr. Heather Hipp (PGY2): Anti-Müllerian Hormone Levels in Endometriosis Patients
Mentor: Dr. Donna Session

Dr. Erica Fletcher (PGY2): The Effects of Novel Curcumin Analogs in the Treatment of Cervical Cancer 
Mentors: Drs. Neil Sidell and Lisa Flowers

Outstanding Clinical Research Proposal by a Clinical Fellow
Dr. Martina Badell (MFM):  Obstetrical and Neonatal Outcomes in Pregnant Women with Congenital Heart Disease.
Mentors: Drs. Michael K. Lindsay, Peter S. Heyl, and Wendy M. Book (Cardiology)

Awards for Completed Research Projects

Each trainee has identified key knowledge gaps, and developed and tested hypotheses.  Their findings have added new information to our understanding of key issues with respect to reproductive and overall health.

Excellence in Clinical Investigation by a Resident
Dr. Albert Asante (PGY4): Elective Oophorectomy in the United States: Trends and Complications, 1998-2006
Mentor:  Dr. Denise Jamieson, Clinical Professor

Excellence in Clinical Investigation  by a Resident
Dr. Betsy Collins
(PGY4): The Availability Of Behind The Counter Emergency Contraception In Atlanta, Ga: A Comparison Of National Pharmacy Chain Policies And Implementation At Local Stores
Mentors: Dr. Carrie Cwiak and Peggy Goedken, MPH

Excellence in Clinical Investigation  by a Resident
Dr. Dana Smith
(PGY4):  Perinatal Outcomes in Overweight and Obese Adolescents vs. Normal Weight Adolescents
Mentor: Dr. Michael Lindsay

Excellence in Translational Research Award by a Fellow
Dr. Sam Pauli (REI): At this Junction do Retinoids fill in One of the Gaps in Determining IVF Success
Mentors: Drs. Robert N. Taylor and Neil Sidell

Excellence in Clinical Investigation by a Fellow
Dr. Lisa Haddad (Family Planning): Acceptability and Adherence of the Copper Intrauterine Device compared to DMPA among HIV Positive Women on Antiretroviral therapy in Lilongwe, Malawi
Mentors: Dr. Denise Jamieson and Carrie Cwiak

Award and acknowledgement for resident research

Traditionally, a senior resident is selected at Resident Research Day to attend the Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecologic Society annual meeting to present their research.  Dr. Betsy Collins (PGY4) was selected to receive the Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecologic Society Travel Award to present a research poster on  The Availability of Behind the Counter Emergency Contraception in Atlanta, Georgia: A Comparison of National Pharmacy Chain Policies and Implementation at Local Stores¿ at the GOGS  and ACOG section joint annual meeting in August.


Awards for Excellence in Teaching 

The recipients were selected by the residents for their promotion of the highest standards of residency education. Consideration was given to their interest in teaching, ability to teach surgical techniques, approachability, receptivity to questions, and commitment to the educational program, clinical knowledge, and overall value to our residency program during this year.

Family Planning - Dr. Eva Lathrop

Gynecologic Surgery - Dr. Cyril Spann

Maternal-Fetal Medicine & Obstetrics at Grady - Dr. Michael Lindsay

Obstetrics at Emory - Dr. Alisa Gambrell

Office Gynecology - Dr. Lisa Flowers

Reproductive Sciences - Dr. Caleb Kallen

Research - Dr. Robert N. Taylor

The residents also selected a member of our clinical faculty for the promotion of the highest standards in resident education. 
The 2010-2011 Outstanding Community Faculty Award goes to Dr. Peter Mann.

Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology 2010-2011 CREOG Excellence in Teaching Award - Dr. Caleb Kallen.

Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics 2010-2011 APGO Excellence in Teaching Award -  Dr. Jennifer Goedken

The residents and faculty have chosen Aimee Moynihan, MSED, CHES, our Residency Program Coordinator, to receive the 2010-2011 Outstanding Staff Award.

We asked the first and second year residents to nominate the senior residents who demonstrated excellence and consideration in teaching the junior residents during this academic year.

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Erin Berry-Bibee is the PGY3 recipient and Dr. Katie Groendyke is the PGY4 recipient of the Excellence in Teaching awards.

We also asked all of the residents to nominate the fellow who demonstrated excellence and consideration in teaching the residents during this academic year.  For the second year in a row, they chose, Dr. Hemant Satpathy, (MFM).   Congratulations!

Resident Clinical and Professional Service Awards
Outstanding Laparoendoscopic Resident Surgeon,
from the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons:  Dr. Rebecca Williams (PGY4) was selected by the faculty for this award for consistently demonstrating excellence in the surgical theater.  In addition to her certificate, Dr. Williams will receive a one year subscription to the society’s clinical journal. 

Special Excellence in Endoscopic Procedures, from the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL).   This award is selected by the faculty for a PGY4 resident who consistently demonstrated excellence in endoscopic procedures. The faculty chose Dr. Jennifer Kawwass to receive this honor.

Certificate of Achievement – VAMC:  Presented to Dr. Shontell Thomas, (PGY4) in recognition and appreciation for outstanding contributions in service and patient care in the Gynecology Section, Surgical and Perioperative Care Service Line, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Atlanta, Georgia, 2010-2011.

Faculty were asked to consider all clinical practice areas and to choose a 1st, 2nd or 3rd year resident who consistently demonstrated Excellence in each of these 8 clinical domains during the past year.  The recipients of the Outstanding Clinical Service Awards are:

Breast Clinic- Dr. Saira Mir

Colposcopy Clinic – Dr. Allison Lange

Gynecologic Oncology – Dr. Sunny Seo

Gynecologic Surgery – Dr. Heather Hipp

Maternal-Fetal Medicine -  Dr. Katie Shields

Obstetrics- Dr. Catherine Hudson

Office Gynecology- Dr. Erica Fletcher

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility- Dr. Angela Martin

The Esprit de Corps Award is voted on by all the residents and is awarded to the resident who best exemplified teamwork, spirit, and pride in the Emory residency program this academic year.

By overwhelming vote, the residents chose Dr. Rebecca Williams as this year’s recipient of the Esprit de Corps Award.

The following awards pay tribute to the contributions of two of our most esteemed and attained faculty members: Drs. Robert Hatcher and Luella Klein

Dr. Hatcher joined Emory’s faculty in 1968 and has dedicated his career to advancing women’s reproductive autonomy through improving access to family planning services and that is due in large part to his commitment and passion for teaching.
The Dr. Robert Hatcher Award was created to honor his dedication to Emory’s residency program and to his commitment to educating health providers about contraceptive choices.

Members of the Family Planning Division voted to select the resident who has consistently demonstrated excellence in family planning services and a commitment to improving women’s reproductive health through education. Dr. Erin Berry-Bibee is this years’ recipient of the Dr. Robert Hatcher Award.

The Dr. Luella Klein Award was created to honor Dr. Klein for the many significant contributions she has made as a leader in the specialty of women’s health and the example she has set for the importance of professional responsibility. She joined the Department in 1967 as the Director of the Maternal and Infant Care Project at Grady, a program she continues to lead more than 50 years later.  Every resident and MFM fellow to graduate from Emory has benefited from her wise counsel and vast clinical experience.

The Department leadership thus sought to develop an award in Dr. Klein’s honor to recognize a PYG 1, 2, or 3 resident who has consistently demonstrated exceptional qualities of leadership and professional responsibility and to encourage them to continue the amazing tradition established by Dr. Klein in taking initiative to set examples of professionalism and seeking leadership roles to benefit women’s health. 

Dr. Erin Berry-Bibee was chosen by her colleagues and the faculty to receive the first Dr. Luella Klein Award.

Residents and faculty members were asked to select the senior resident who continually exemplifies professionalism and humanism, excelled in clinical service, and was an outstanding teacher and role model for junior residents and students.
Congratulations to Dr. Dana Smith for being chosen as the Most Outstanding Senior Resident.