Spencer Speaks to AP About New Infertility Statistics

August 14, 2013

jessica-spencer.jpgJessica Spencer, MD, MSc, spoke to the Associated Press about a new CDC study that suggests that the percentage of married couples having trouble conceiving has dropped slightly in recent years.

Dr. Spencer, assistant professor in Emory University’s Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics and a fertility specialist who is located at the Emory Reproductive Center, commented on the increase in options available to women who want to get pregnant.

From the article:
“I don’t think people wait as long” as they did decades ago to get help if they’re having trouble conceiving, said Dr. Jessica Spencer. [link]

Dr. Spencer elaborates further: “People are more informed these days about their own reproductive potential and treatment options. Women have apps to track their cycle and online information and message boards to confer with one another. Before the internet, men and women may have waited longer to seek medical care for help trying to conceive. The treatments available, like in vitro fertilization, have also become safer and much more likely to work.”

To learn more about in vitro fertilization and the Emory Reproductive Center’s work, please visit http://emoryhealthcare.org/reproductive-center/index.html